NSA Mission

NSA provides national leadership and helps its members achieve success in the profession of accountancy and taxation through the advocacy of practice rights and the promotion of high standards in ethics, education, and professional excellence.

NSA’s Vision is a national society that:

Accountants and tax practitioners will want to join
Helps its members achieve success through education, advocacy, and member benefits
Encourages its members to achieve and maintain professional credentials

Strategic Objective

Our objective is to create and maintain a professional, membership-oriented, societal environment in which membership is imperative to support the growth and continued evolution of a responsible and successful professional.

  • Meet the Professional Needs of Members
    Assist members in maintaining and improving their professional competence and skills by creating and delivering quality continuing professional education, providing timely information regarding industry information, providing networking opportunities, and encouraging them to attain professional credentials.
  • Code of Professional Ethics
    Promote self-regulation of the profession and of members of NSA through oversight and the establishment and maintenance of professional credentials, maintain high qualifications for membership, and provide high quality continuing professional education.
  • Connect with Members through Technology
    Create and maintain an active communication channel with and among members through technological means; provide convenient, personalized access to relevant updates within the profession; dynamic practice resources, and targeted services that meet their professional needs.
  • Advocate Effectively for Members and the Profession
    Arrange for continuous advocacy of ethical and professional standards through participation in legislative, regulatory, and legal matters on the national level as indicated; achieve and maintain recognition by governmental agencies and other professional organizations through ongoing communications and relationships; assist state societies with advocacy efforts as feasible.
  • Strengthen National Image and Expand Influence
    Establish NSA as an increasingly effective national leader and innovator in the profession by cultivating lines of communication and meaningful relationships with other industry leaders; maintaining a strong network of partner societies; fully utilizing leadership volunteers at the state and national levels; managing an effective public relations program.
  • Provide Future Leadership for NSA and Its Affiliates
    Identify, recruit, and motivate volunteers with leadership potential; expand and augment the Leadership Development Program; solidify relationships with affiliated state societies; develop relationships with education providers; and evaluate programs as to their effectiveness in attracting professionals.
  • Improve and Maintain Fiscal Viability of the Organization 
    Conduct annual reviews of the NSA Administrative Policies, restricted funds, committee activity, program effectiveness, member benefits, and public relations activities; add, modify, or eliminate them as indicated. Seek additional non-dues revenue; conduct annual review of income, expenses and reserves to ensure the availability of the financial resources necessary to fund ongoing programs and unanticipated needs.